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Miami Beach Dentist on Ways of Whitening Discolored Teeth

Miami Beach Dentist on Whitening Discolored Teeth

Is your smile not quite as brilliantly white as you'd like? Well, that's easy enough to fix!

Tooth bleaching or dental teeth whitening involves placing a bleaching solution on the teeth to eliminate stains and discoloration. The solution is held in place by a custom-made, see-through tray that fits over the teeth, much like a mouthpiece worn by a professional boxer. Bleaching is a safe, effective and relatively easy means of producing a whiter smile. Teeth whitening in a dentist office is usually more effective than teeth whitening kits.

Two bleaching methods are available: Power Bleaching can be done at our office,
and At-Home-Bleaching, which provides for home use. Please note that this is note the
same as over-the-counter bleaching products available in your local drug store. Though
you'll find lots of tooth-whitening products there, nothing you get over the counter will be
as effective as the services our office provides.

The difference between the two is the strength of the whitening agent and the time it
takes to get effective results. Power bleaching usually takes three to six visits, while
home bleaching may take up to four weeks of regular use. Either way, we'll restore your
smile! You'll be amazed at the difference in the color of your teeth.

Sensitive teeth, or those that are chipped, eroded or weakened by cavities, should be
repaired or protected before they are bleached. Our office knows just what to do to
protect your teeth. If you're interested in learning more about tooth whitening, please
call us for an appointment. Our office serves the Miami Beach, Miami, Sunny Isles, Bal Harbour, and Coral Gables area.

Miami Beach dentist, Dr. Kaplan, takes pride in creating beautiful smiles that last a lifetime. He enjoys making a difference in his patient’s lives through patient education, innovative dentistry, and state-of-the-art dental care. Dr. Kaplan believes that dentistry is a science and an art.
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